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Tanglewood Park Couples Session - Sydney & Eli + Ryder

Sydney & Eli let me know that they were bringing along their pup to their session and I was excited! How adorable is Ryder? Having two Golden Retrievers at home, I knew the energy that Ryder was going to bring to this session. Ryder was a model and knew exactly what to do. He knew how to pose and to look at the camera. After Ryder decided he was finished stealing the show, I made sure to capture some beautiful and romantic photos of Sydney & Eli. I loved being a part of Sydney, Eli, and Ryder’s first family photos together!

Here are a few tips for bringing your pups to a session:

1. Stay calm, cool, and collected.

At sessions, pups are likely in a new place! It’s okay if they are excited and all over the place. My pups lose their minds when they go places they’ve never been before. It might take them a minute to calm down. Don’t worry, we will still get wonderful photos of them!

2. Pick a pet-friendly location.

Dogs come with energy, so picking a location where you feel comfortable with your pup is important! Locations where they can roam and play are best. Tanglewood Park and Reynolda Village are both great spots for this around Winston Salem.

3. Bring treats, toys, an outfit, or props.

Treats are a great way to get pups to look at the camera. Treats and toys make a dog feel relaxed and playful. Sydney & Eli dressed Ryder in the cutest bandana for their session. They also brought a wreath (check out that pic below)!

I LOVE when couples or families bring their pup along to sessions. They are part of the family!

Book a session with your sweet pup today!

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